When it comes to water emergencies in your home DO NOT WAIT to call! CLEAN RIGHT is available to help you whenever your flooding incident happens.   It’s not just cleaning up the mess that is important but extracting ALL of the invading water and assessing the severity of your situation. 
Even "clean water" such as, from a hot water tank or washing machine, water undetected or unaddressed can cause major problems and become costly quite quickly. By having our professionally trained and certified water damage restoration cleaning technician come out as soon as possible,  we will be able to properly assess the situation and devise the best plan for repair.  
Of course, MOLD is of the utmost concerns but other issues can arise even quicker than molds.  There is the obvious your furniture, other material possessions. And damage to the house itself such as crumbling drywall or plaster, rust on metal surfaces or weakening support beams and more.
Some water can be more dangerous and hazardous to your health and should ONLY be handled by professionals like ours. Click here for a list of the 3 Categories and that CLEAN RIGHT is licensed and certified to treat. 

Clean Right is available to help you 24hours/7 Days a week for your
water emergency at


What you can expect from CleanRight on the emergency call, the services include:


  • Prompt response and visit by a licensed and certified technician with all the necessary equipment for the job at hand.

  • Detailed accurate assessment of the water damage, including surrounding area(s) and substructures.

 Infrared probes are used to tell the extent of the water’s destruction.

  • Thorough Extraction and Drying

We use the highest quality equipment. Such as air movers, air scrubbers, different sizes and types of dryers and blowers, specialized for wall drying, hardwood dryers, and dryers designed specifically for drying the sub-floor and inner wall cavities. As well as a truck-mounted, high powered, water extraction system.

  • Proper ventilation of affected areas to ensure faster drying and to assist in preventing mold growth.

  • Exposing pockets of saturation. Hidden pockets need to be open for drying and cleaning.      Another reason a professional should be called in this situation.

  • Leaving fans and other drying equipment over-night or multiple nights if need be.

The same technician will stay n constant contact and come back check on the progress of the drying periodically.

The next steps*... after confirming that the affected areas are dry.


  • CLEAN RIGHT will conduct a thorough cleaning of the affected areas.

  • Repair the moisture affected areas and possibly the substructures.


Restoration may now begin and Clean Right can handle ALL of your flooring and upholstery restoration needs Including;

The Cleaning & Sanitizing, Re-Installation of:

Carpet & Pad  (Including  installation of carpet you purchased or purchase from us.)

Hardwoods  (Repair, Re-Finishing)

VCT Tiles


Other Engineered Flooring

Tile & Grout Sanitizing

Upholstery Cleaning


   Call for ANY Questions that you have or in case of a water emergency Call 248-990-8533 ANY DAY. ANY TIME.



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