"Don't Just Get It "Cleaned"


Steam Cleaning Your Carpet

No matter how clean you keep your home you still need to have your carpets professionally cleaned.
It's recommended from once a year for regular maintenance to twice a year for a higher trafficked carpet. 

Professional carpet cleaning provides you with a healthier home to live in. The temperature of the water is kept at a constant temp of up to 250 degrees, not only to get it as clean as possible but also to kill most bacteria, dust mites and other allergy-causing proteins.

Photo of steam cleaning machine

We set out to get the best, most powerful equipment on the market so that we can give our customers the cleanest clean, done RIGHT.


We use our high Powered Truck Mounted Water System, HydraMaster 575 For the DEEPEST CLEAN possible.

This is the "heart" of the cleaning business, The HydraMaster 575.

  • Conserves water without dumping or re-circulating, industry’s first true water conservation system. While still being more than powerful enough to handle both residential and commercial cleaning jobs.

    • Consistent heat up to 250° F

    • Heated pressure washing up to 900 psi

    • Adjustable temperature and speed for low heat applications

    • Last-step chemical injection for no scale buildup or "suds"

    • A "Flood Grade" extractor, for Extreme water recovery
      resulting in faster drying times

In the winter months, we use the The Hydramaster 2 in. "Evolution" Wand along with our truck mounted water system for maximum cleaning power on our steam cleaning jobs.
At a weight of just 6.5lbs and the tube is made from aircraft aluminum it is small but mighty. It size makes it easier to get around furniture and in to tight corners.  It is designed for restorative carpet cleaning of medium to heavily soiled carpeting.

​      Designed for maximum airflow

  • increasing extraction performance,

  • reducing drying time

  • Laboratory tested to leave less residual moisture in the carpet.                                                                     (which of course also increases dry time)

  • Delrin glide is rotationally molded into the wand head for airtight fit and no slippage

  • The cleaning head has two spray jets that are insulated for retaining maximum water temperature. 

  • It finishes with powerful suction which will one help on drying time and two, just as importantly, rinse away the dirt and oil.


Our heavy-duty equipment coupled with years of experience, we will deep clean your carpet with amazing power. So before you spend the money to replace that dirty old carpet, call us!

You may also want to check out our Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning as well.


Encapsulation cleaning ( low or "Dry Carpet Cleaning" ) is a great option both budget-friendly and for not so heavily trafficked carpet. 
Encapsulation is also a green eco-friendly technology that works well for light to moderately soiled areas, requiring no truck mounted extraction system, no water which means your saving energy, time and money.
 Making Encapsulation the best carpet cleaning method for the price period.

The process...

encapsulation works graphic_edited.jpg

The Brush Pro's heavy-duty motor spins the two 20" cylindrical brushes at an incredible 380 RPM to quickly and thoroughly clean all sides of the carpet fiber

We start by spraying a pre-treatment on the darker soiled areas.

We then spray the encapsulant on the carpeting. The polymers in the deep-cleaning compound began immediately encapsulating (dissolving) the soil particles on contact working like "tiny sponges", absorbing dirt prior to its removal from the carpet.

Clean Right uses the Brush Pro 20 for its powerful agitation of its brushes helps to penetrate the encapsulant polymers down deep into the carpet to get a more thorough cleaning.

Once that is complete the encapsulated soil is then vacuumed up and out of the carpet fibers. The carpet will, of course, look instantly cleaner but, will also look a bit cleaner with 2 to 3 more vacuums as well.

If you would like to get your carpet cleaned using our Encapsulation

technique, you may either:


Set an Appointment by giving us a call for more details or to discuss your carpet situation at 248-990-8533.

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