Encapsulation cleaning ( low or "Dry Carpet Cleaning" ) is a great option both budget-friendly and for not so heavily trafficked carpet. 

Encapsulation is also a green eco-friendly technology that works well for light to moderately soiled areas, requiring no truck mounted extraction system, no water which means your saving energy, time and money. Making Encapsulation the best carpet cleaning method for the price period.

The Brush Pro's heavy-duty motor spins the two 20" cylindrical brushes at an incredible 380 RPM to quickly and thoroughly clean all sides of the carpet fiber

The Process...

  • We start by spraying a pre-treatment on the darker, more soiled areas.

  • We then spray the encapsulant on the carpeting. Th polymers in the deep-cleaning compound began immediately encapsulating (dissolving) the soil particles on contact working like "tiny sponges", absorbing dirt prior to its removal from the carpet.

  • Clean Right uses the Brush Pro 20 for its powerful agitation of its brushes helps to penetrate the encapsulant polymers down deep into the carpet to get a more thorough cleaning.

  • Once that is complete the encapsulated soil is then vacuumed up and out of the carpet fibers. The carpet will, of course, look instantly cleaner but, will also look a bit cleaner with 2 to 3 more vacuums as well.

Carpet Encapsulation Cleaning
Price varies by Sqft

If you would like to get your carpet cleaned using our Encapsulation technique, you may either:


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