It could be that your carpet really only keeps getting the dirtiest in the same couple of areas that get the brunt of the traffic. Or that the carpet is fairly new but so is the puppy and he has picked out his "favorite spot". Or like most of us you want to save money where ever you can, without sacrificing the quality of the service or job required.


Whatever your reason maybe, Clean Right has you covered with our COMBO Cleaning.
Like the name suggests it is a combination of our two carpet cleaning options. We would use our Steam cleaning system for the heavily trafficked areas of the room(s), and use our encapsulation cleaning system for the more lightly soiled areas of  the carpeting. Thus, saving water, energy, time and maybe most importantly, some of your hard earned dollars & cents.

Does your lawn need a boast as well? We are also RAL Lawn & Shrub, and the lawn care season is about to begin, visit our sister website for more details or call us @ 248-584-3506

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