What do you do when you have someone on your gift list that just seems to "have everything" or Mom says "Oh, I don't need (or want) anything for Christmas"?

Why not gift them 3 rooms and a hall of deeply clean carpeting?  (ONLY $125.00)
Or steam cleaned couch and love seat(s)?


Or maybe for yourself or spouse after hosting all your friends and family over the holiday season, there are sure to be spills and dirt tracked  throughout on those nights, and no one feels like getting down on all fours to scrub that out yourself. 


Anyone would be overjoyed to receive such a gift as freshly cleaned carpeting. Or they could also use towards carpet repairs and re-stretching as well if the carpet has become loose or lumpy, or torn. 

Or if there is another service we offer that you know they need and they simply haven't gotten to yet, why not take care of it for them?


Simply give us a call at 248-990-8533 or fill out the email form below...

You can mail us a check, pay with your credit or debit card over the phone or we can send an Email to do an EFT transfer.
We will the get you the certificate. We can print and mail it to you or the recipient. We could also email it to you or the recipient, your choice


Order a Gift Certificate

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*No Obligation by filling out form*

Last Minute Shopper?

We have got you covered!
Fill out the form Or for the fastest service give us a call and we will get it to you ASAP.

While we will not be cleaning carpets on Christmas Eve-We will however still sell the  Gift Certificates up to the last minute.

While we may not be completing carpet cleaning and repairs on Christmas or Christmas Eve- Clean Right Carpet Cleaning IS  on-call for Water Emergencies 24/7 !
A water emergency is an invasive water from clean to contaminated, that must be extracted immediately to prevent the growth of mold and to minimize the damage caused.
There are no refunds on Clean Right Carpet Cleaning gift certificate(s) and are to be used for service. No change will be given after service.  
They are for one (1) time use. Rules may be subject to change.  Please contact us for more details, you are not obligated to purchase by requesting more information.

Does your lawn need a boast as well? We are also RAL Lawn & Shrub, and the lawn care season is about to begin, visit our sister website for more details or call us @ 248-584-3506

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